Edwin Dickinson

My primary interests lie in functional morphology and the ecological pressures which contribute to anatomical diversity across evolutionary time. Primates, as a consequence of their diverse dietary, locomotor, and social niches and their fascinating evolutionary history, are the focus of much of this research; a significant proportion of which relates to digital imaging and modeling technologies. I specialize in the contrast-enhanced CT reconstruction of anatomical features, and the application of 4D modeling techniques such as multibody dynamics analysis (MDA) to investigate the impact of anatomical changes on locomotor or masticatory performance. I also maintain a number of active international collaborations relating to the development and refinement of automated software packages used in the quantification of digital anatomical datasets. For NC State students interested in lines of research, I instruct a 400/500 level class (Anatomical Visualization and Modeling Technologies) which explore these techniques in more detail. I can also be reached directly with specific questions at edwin_dickinson@ncsu.edu.