Research Interests

Masticatory Muscle Architecture

  • Primate and carnivore feeding behavior through examination of ingested food size
  • Diet: frugivory, folivory, hypercarnivory, durophagy, and food mechanical properties
  • Soft-tissue masticatory anatomy: the scaling of weights, physiological cross sectional area (PCSA), and fiber lengths as they relate to gape and bite force reconstruction
  • Cranial and dental morphology–correlates of oral health, diets and predictors of masticatory abilities
  • Paleontology–especially fossil hominins, other primates, and carnivore

Limb Musculature and Locomotion

  • The relationship between limb musculature and locomotion patterns and postures in primates

Public Involvement

  • The role of informal public science learning sites on engaging students and the public in STEM disciplines.

Digital Reconstructions